Being Stubborn on Etsy = Mad Crazy Sales


Today’s Seller Explains the ONE THING It Takes To Succeed on Etsy…

One of the questions I love to hear answered by experienced Etsy sellers is this: “What do you wish you knew when you started selling on Etsy?” Kim’s answer is typical of many sellers…

“I wish I’d known how much time it takes to build a business online.”

⇡ You might feel like Etsy is taking TOO MUCH TIME…But just if you STOP doing every single thing at once, you can make *REAL* progress! ⇡

This episode is an unpacking of that statement, straight from Kim’s lips. She shares some important considerations for all Etsy sellers and explains why she would do it all over again.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:41] Kim says, “I wish I’d known how much time it takes to build a business online.”

  • [2:40] Resilience is needed if you’re going to sell online

  • [4:36] The many things Kim loves about selling on Etsy

  • [5:27] Why the “be creative and be done with it” idea is not true

  • [6:58] The reason you can’t survive without plenty of items to sell

  • [9:04] The power of stubbornness

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